About Us

Hi! We are Bricktastics and we love finding loving homes for second hand LEGO®! Your LEGO® collection to be more accurate!

LEGO® is an amazing toy but unfortunately, as with many things in life, we get bored with it. This often leaves people to sell, donate or even throw out their LEGO®! Here at Bricktastics we recognise that a lot of collections are not finding the homes they deserve. That’s why we guarantee that all LEGO® that goes through us will find its way to loving homes that appreciate every brick!

We do this by expertly sorting all the LEGO® we get and finding the right items for the right people. This also include getting LEGO® to children in third world nations who do not have the opportunity of owning It, Really! If you donate your LEGO® we can get it to children around the world who are in need! From orphans in Cambodia to underprivileged communities in Australia we make sure your LEGO® has a lasting impact on the world!

So what are you waiting for! Find out how your LEGO® can change lives today!

Our Services

Fair Market Prices

Our prices are Fair and based on market rates from our years of buying experience!

Free Pickup Included

Based in Australia? The we'll pickup your LEGO® with our Free Courier Service. Just another great way we make the process easy for you!
Based Outside Australia? Then chat to us and well help cover a portion or all of the costs

Flexible Payment Options

We have a variety of payment Options for those who are selling to us. Need the cash fast? no problem. Happy to take delayed payment? We can do that too and pay you extra for your patience!

Obligation Free Quotes

No cost, no tricks. Just tell us about your LEGO® and we will provide an obligation free quote on your collection.®

Friendly Service

We have found that LEGO® attracts the nicest people to play with it, and that means our staff are the nicest there are!

Donation Options

Money not your top priority? Then Donate it and help kids in need! We have many partners worldwide that will receive your LEGO after we sort it, and the children will be so grateful!

Referral Program

Know somebody with LEGO® to sell or donate? Tell us about it through our referral program and be rewarded!


Australia Wide Service

We offer our Services Australia Wide! If your in the Land Down under, then we can head over, to you!

Expert Appraisal

With over 500 purchases and 10 000's of kgs of LEGO® sorted, we know our bricks! You will get an honest and fair appraisal of your collection from our expert staff!


"These folk's are so professional, i had no idea selling my LEGO® would be so easy and so pleasant, and the best part is knowing it will find a good home!"
Jess B
16kg's of LEGO® sold
"We where going to donate our lego to a thrift store, but then we heard about these guys, it just made sense! Now we feel great knowing that there is a entire village in Cambodia enjoying our LEGO®!"
Michael S
26kg's of LEGO® Donated
"We tired selling privatley but found people are so picky and wasted out time constantly! Bricktastic Plastics Price were great, they paid super fast and even picked up from my door. Thanks Bricktastics!"
67kg's of LEGO® Sold