What are they and how do i get them? Read below!

Bricktastics loves to surprise and reward our customers. That’s why every order gets you FREE Bonus Items in each order. Order more items and get more Bonuses!

What are BONUS Items?

BONUS Items are free goody bags of bonus LEGO®. Our staff will assess your order and decide on the most fun and creative bonus items to include.

Can I choose the themes of LEGO® I get?

YES, but be sure to mention this in the “NOTES” section of your order. Ie: “Please send me a Ninjago Minifigure and some Pirate Bits & Bricks Please”. Please note: Some Minifigures themes are very valuable and may be counted as 2 bonus items.

Examples of "1" bonus item

x2 Sticker Sheets
2 pcs
Brick Tools
x30 Bricks & Bits
x5 Accessories
x1 Minifigure
It's a Surprise!


Q: Why Can't I choose my items at checkout anymore?

A: To simplify the ordering process and not confuse some of our customers we have streamlined the ordering process. You can still request bonus items, please do this in the ‘NOTES” section of your order at checkout.