What are they and how do you get them. Read below!

Bricktastics loves to surprise and reward our customers. Thats why every order over $13 gets you FREE Bonus Items. Order more items and get more Bonus Points to Spend!

What are BONUS Items?

BONUS Items are free goody bags full of bonus LEGO® items. We have a number to choose from and you can mix and match them at checkout to increase the “AWESOMENESS” of your order!

Can i choose the themes of LEGO® I get?

YES, be sure to mention this in the “NOTES” section of your order. Ie: “Please send me a Ninjago Minifigure and some Pirate Bits & Bricks Please”

What you can choose from

1 point = 2 pcs
Sticker Sheets
1 point = 2 pcs
Brick Tool
1 point = 30 pcs
Bricks & Bits
1 point = 6 pcs
2 points = 1 pc

Can't decide which item to select? We'll do it for you! By adding "surprise me" bonus item to your cart, our LEGO® Experts will choose something fun for you!

Surprise Me!