How to Sell Your LEGO Collection

Many people think that LEGO® is a kids activity, and for those people they could not be more wrong! Let us explore the many benefits of LEGO ® Play and offer some tips and tricks to get started!

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LEGO, Not Just For Kids

Many people think that LEGO® is a kids activity, and for those people they could not be more wrong! Let us explore the many benefits of LEGO ® Play and offer some tips and tricks to get started!

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LEGO® for Autism Camp Australia

We recently supplied (100kgs) of LEGO® Creativity Packs to Rachel, the wonderful lady behind Autism Camp Australia. The team at Bricktastics were particularly excited to supply LEGO to her as we had long heard of the benefits that LEGO can provide to Autistic young people. So along we went and sent her the LEGO, and here is the feedback she had to say about how it went.

Rachel, I am so excited to hear, how did the first camp go? 

The first camp was astonishing, the families all had the most amazing time. Great friendships were made, and serious capacity building goals kicked. One of our camp mums said that her son had achieved more in 5 days at the camp than with his Occupational Therapist in the last 3 years. The success of the first camp has resulted in selling out all of our camps until October 2020.

What are your camps designed to do? 

The camps are about
improving the health and wellbeing of autistic young people and their families
through the provision of accessible and supported respite experiences,
therapies and life skills development. We have taken the holiday concept and
combined it with a program of therapies, education, self-care and life skills.
It’s like a fruit smoothie with some vegies snuck in! The young people build
self-confidence and communication skills, develop social skills, create
positive connections and increase social interactions with peers, carers and
other families. They actively participate in every-day and self-care tasks,
become more independent, and engage in new activities and new experiences.

What did you need the LEGO for? Can you describe the use case? 

The autistic children were able to explore sensory and emotional regulation using proprioceptive and sensory supports, games and other positive behaviour support tools. It’s a critical part of the wind-down to release anxiety’s build-up throughout the day…. like a zone in/zone out space. Lego was an important part of the proprioceptive-sensory space.

Figure 1; A happy little Camper Enjoying our LEGO!

Figure 2; The proprioceptive sensory space where all the fun LEGO was kept

What impact did our LEGO have at your Autism Camp? 

The LEGO you provided was fantastic. It was one of the main activities in the proprioceptive-sensory
space.  It was a go-to for certain children. The parents could join in and play as well. The kids really enjoyed
the sorting and had a great time picking out the large pieces like vehicle parts and house parts and building off them.


They loved all the special lego parts, they particularly loved building cars, trucks and planes. 

Do you mind telling us, what was your experience buying LEGO from us?   

The process was super easy and straightforward. It was easy to build trust and rapport with Bricktastics because you guys were so transparent and upfront about everything. Even though the order I placed was outside the norm and what was usually done on the website, you called straight away and helped to organise the entire process. 

It was also amazing the variety and amount of LEGO you provided. 

In the marketplace, out of all of the options available, what made you choose Bricktastics?

The biggest factor for me was being able to buy it at a price that was affordable, whilst being able to buy in Bulk. 

It was great to get a variety of LEGO as it was great to have that mixture.  The kids loved it and loved having the ability to play with such a large selection all at once. 

It was a well-sorted and clean mix of LEGO, and I am thrilled at how clean and ready to use it was.  

In what ways do you think our products inspired creativity within the kids? 

The LEGO didn’t just inspire creativity, it helps with emotional regulation, and to improve fine motor skills. So it’s a win-win all around.

A note from Bricktastics 

The real reason we love making creativity packs is to inspire creativity and open up a new world of possibilities for all who play with it.  

The real angle of the business is to inspire creativity in kids. The unique thing about Bricktastics is that whilst LEGO sells all their lego in packs with instructions, it stifles creativity as they are limited by what they can create with that one box. Sometimes kids just can’t think outside the box and are limited by their imagination. We want to sell huge amounts of various LEGO, without instruction manuals to help users think outside the box. 

We are all about providing kids with a whole bunch of different colours, pieces and mixtures so they can explore their own creative boundaries and explore their own creative thinking within the themes and styles of LEGO® they most enjoy. 


Find out more about Autism Camp Australia  at:

Five LEGO® Tips and tricks to get more out of your next LEGO® Purchase.

#1 LEGO® doesn't have to be expensive

Contrary to popular belief NOT ALL LEGO® HAS TO BREAK THE BANK, what the big retailers don’t want you to know is that second hand LEGO® is cheaper, just as fun and when expertly combined into Creativity Packs by sorting experts like Bricktastics can provide more Creative options for your kids. 
How much cheaper? Up to 50% cheaper per brick in fact! Allowing you to buy more in greater variety.

#2 Buying LEGO® in bulk packs exists

LEGO® loves to sell kits and they are very good at it, but there are few options for low cost open ended creative play in the stores.
Bricktastics is the only online retailer that Specialises in Creativity Packs for Kids. Designed specifically to provide large quantities & variety of Bricks & Parts, encourage creative play & nurture innovative thinking.

You can even choose your theme for kids who like specific types of LEGO®!

#3 Wish your kids could play with the same LEGO® you did? They can!

Ever wondered where all that cool LEGO® you use to play with when you were a kid has gone? Pirate, Castle, Bionicles LEGO® etc: The answer is, it’s no longer made and to get your hands on it is an expensive venture often crossing into the realm of high end collectables pricing. 

The good news is that Bricktastics has solved this problem, now you can buy all your favourite themes at a price point cheaper than current store bought LEGO®. Our Minifigure and Creativity packs are full of hard to find LEGO® parts that enable creative play with all your favourite childhood themes!

#4 Creativity doesn't come in an instruction booklet

One of the biggest mistakes we see parent’s make when buying their children’s LEGO is the assumption that “LEGO will make their Kids more creative”. While LEGO sure can be a creative activity, the way LEGO® is sold in store currently lacks the creative elements. No child ever learned Creative thinking from a set of instructions after all.

We also find LEGO® entertains children for longer when it doesnt have a defined “completion” point.
The next time you buy LEGO® for your kids, have a think about the outcomes you are after, will it encourage creative problem solving? co-operation, team work, or maybe you are just after something more practical like extending the time the LEGO® will entertain the children for. If this is important to you, then know Bricktastics has your back!

#5 Make your LEGO® good for the environment

Buying NEW LEGO® is currently NOT good for the environment, all that plastic has to go somewhere when its finished being played with, and let’s face it, LEGO® can lasts forever in landfills! 

That’s why the final secret that retailers won’t tell you is that: second hand LEGO® is alot more Environmentally friendly. All of Bricktastics LEGO® Products are sourced from families who no longer use their LEGO®, is in excellent condition and 100% Sustainable. This has two major benefits, firstly it helps avoid the creation of NEW plastic bricks. But most importantly it teaches your children the value of recycling and reusing toys!