How to LEGO®​

Our Customers make the most fun creations with our Products. Take a look on this page at the kinds of creative and imaginative ideas that can be generated with a little imagination 

Customer Creations & Ideas

With over an estimated 915,103,765 ways to use LEGO® you can be sure we know how to help you make creativity happen.

LEGO® comes in various shapes, sizes, colours and themes, we know that. But what makes us different? Why do we do what we do? How to LEGO® I guess is the question?

We’ve reengineered the game a little bit. We find various bricks from all over the globe, sort them and then repurpose them into special creativity packs ideal for endless hours of fun and endless creations to be had. 

Whilst we can think of LEGO® as just a plastic brick, we do not. At Bricktastics we see it for its endless amounts of creations it can provide. 

Originally created in 1947, the brand has never shown its age and continues to keep up with current trends and understand what the marketplace wants and needs. 


How to LEGO®?

With LEGO® there are no rules, no colour schemes and no right or wrong combinations. Leaving it all up to your mind.

Below are some of the interesting ways we have seen LEGO® used:
LEGO® can be used to make various everyday items more fun such as Clocks and Coasters! 
One of our customers used his LEGO® pack to make LEGO® Coasters and another used their LEGO® packs to make LEGO® Key Holders! 
LEGO® doesn't have to just be used as a toy, it can also be used for Art Projects! 
LEGO® Jewellery is a personal favourite of ours, its amazing to see what people can make with our LEGO® Packs.
P.S These can be made by anyone, you don’t have to have an engineering degree just imagination.

We want users to use the LEGO® creatively, have fun and most importantly, use this as a time to switch off, connect again with your inner child and learn again.

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See Our Range

LEGO® Creativity Packs

We’ve created a 1kg pack of fun, creativity and awesomeness. 

LEGO® Minifigures Packs

Each pack is made like a lucky dip, they are handpicked and created to provide you with the best value and maximum fun.

LEGO® Parts Packs

Each LEGO® Part Packs is handpicked and contains more specific and hard to find items. 

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