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LEGO® for Autism Camp Australia

We recently supplied (100kgs) of LEGO® Creativity Packs to Rachel, the wonderful lady behind The Australian Autism Camp. The team at Bricktastics were particularly excited to supply LEGO to her as we had long heard of the benefits that LEGO can provide to Ausitic people. So along we went and sent her the LEGO, and here is the feedback she had to say about how it went.

Rachel, I am so excited to hear, how did the first camp go? 


The first camp went extremely well. We heard feedback such as children going home in other families’ cars because they made such a great friendship, we have already booked out our events until October 2020. One mum said that her son had achieved more in 5 days at the camp than with his Occupational Therapist in the last 3 years. There are even talks now of us launching this internationally due to the demand. 

What are your camps designed to do? 

The camps are about helping autisic children build their capacity. We found, especially me being a mother of an autistic daughter that there were not a lot of experiences out there designed to help austic child build their capacity, and their skills. It was also about helping autisic children to learn how to connect well with others. We found it at the camp because the children were in a safe space and felt comfortable, they made friends quite easily. 

“An 11 year old who had extreme separation anxiety, who was able at the camp to get out and experience every single activity with a smile on his face” 

What did you need the LEGO for? Can you describe the use case? 

Children with autism need to spend time in a proprioceptive sensory space, a space where they can go to release anxiety’s build up throughout the day and wind down. Given how much energy they have, safe spaces like these are vital to help them release the excess energy and calm down. 

Each child requires different things in this time, some are looking for a sensory overload, whilst others aren’t looking for that much stimulation. Consider it like a zone in/zone out space. 

The children particularly loved the colour of the LEGO and found it fascinating to play with the lego in general. 

We had to set up this space and fill the area with loads of different types of stimulating toys for the children to choose from. 

Figure 1; A happy little Camper Enjoying our LEGO!

Figure 2; The proprioceptive sensory space where all the fun LEGO was kept

What impact did our LEGO have at your Autism Camp? 

The LEGO you provided was fantastic as we used it as a safe space the kids to go to when they needed to wind down in our breakout space. We created a breakout space and needed to have toys in there that would help settle the kids when required. We found that the LEGO was a perfect way to do that. 

It was a go to for certain children. It was particularly engaging because the parents could join in and play as well as what it was going to allow the parents to engage with the children to settle down with them.

The kids really enjoyed the sorting, and had a great time picking out the large pieces they could ultimately play with like steering wheels and base’s in order to use that as the foundation to build things. 

They loved all the special bits, as that inspired them to create so much more. They particularly loved building cars, trucks and planes . 

Do you mind telling us, what was your experience buying LEGO from us?   

The process was super easy and straightforward. It was easy to build trust and rapport with bricktastics because you guys were so transparent and upfront about everything. Even though the order I placed was outside the norm and what was usually done on the website, you called straight away and helped to organise the entire process. 

It was also amazing the variety and amount of LEGO you provided. 

In the marketplace, out of all of the options available, what made you choose Bricktastics?

The biggest factor for me was being able to buy it at a price that was affordable, whilst being able to buy in Bulk. 

It was great to get a variety of LEGO as it was great to have that mixture.  The kids loved it and loved having the ability to play with such a large selection all at once. 

It was a well sorted and clean mix of LEGO, and I am thrilled at how clean and ready to use it was.  

In what ways do you think our products inspired creativity within the kids? 

The LEGO didn’t just inspire creativity, it did a number of things outside of that. Which we expected it to, however when we saw it happening live in front of us it was something magical. We noticed that the LEGO was used to help with emotional regulation, and to increase fine motor skills. 

We noticed that afterwards, they had developed new skills from playing with the LEGO that they were now able to have a go at new things they didnt do before. It was quite empowering to see. 

The whole point of the camp was to create new experiences for them. 

A note from Bricktastics 

The real reason we love making creativity packs is to inspire creativity and open up a new world of possibilities for all who play with it.  

The real angle of the business is to inspire creativity in kids. The unique thing about bricktastics is that whilst LEGO sells all their lego in packs with instructions, it stifles creativity as they are limited by what they can create with that one box. Sometimes kids just can’t think outside the box and are limited by their imagination. We want to sell huge amounts of various LEGO, without instruction manuals to help users think outside the box. 

We are all about providing kids with a whole bunch of different colours, pieces and mixtures so they can explore their own creativite boundaries and explore their own creative thinking within the themes and styles of LEGO® they most enjoy. 


Find out more about Rachel Rowe from The Australian Autism Camp at: 


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