Bricktastics School & Group Educational Supplies Bulk Packs caters to your classroom’s educational needs to keep students engaged and absorbed in learning. Brick building toys such as LEGO are also one of the most educational toys available today – children learn and develop essential skills while playing with LEGO. Therefore, Brick Building Toys as a learning tool can be a great addition to every classroom.

Benefits of LEGO as a Classroom Educational Tool

As a creative and learning tool, LEGO has myriad educational benefits. Learning with LEGO taps into the student’s genuine interest in manipulative play.  

Young students learn and gain new skills through hands-on experiences. LEGO supplies for the classroom allow a child to manipulate objects with their hands, improving their focus, concentration, and spatial awareness. 

Also, LEGO educational supplies nurture problem-solving and math skills. In addition, LEGO learning kits boost fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and help kids practice patience. 

Here are some other important skills children learn while playing with LEGOs.

However, in reality, the skill most likely being developed would be how to follow a set of instructions and achieve a specific result. A fantastic set of skills if you wish to spend your life following instructions from others. But that’s not what we are all about here at Bricktastics, we want to create explorers, innovators and out of the box thinkers who can turn dreams into realities.


So let’s revisit this above task from the open-ended creative STEAM approach that Bricktastics would recommend. Instead of a specifically designed outcome, let’s change the brief to “You are an engineer, you have 200 lego bricks of your choice and your task is to create a structure exactly 200cm tall and able to support 1kg of downward force on its highest surface, GO”. 


In this scenario, we have constrained and framed the task so that it will achieve a set of required outcomes, but not so much as to limit the creativity and problem solving needed to achieve the goal. We can all imagine how creative and innovative students would need to be to achieve this kind of outcome. We have not only intentionally failed to specify the types of bricks that can be used, but we have left the construction approach wide open. Within a creativity focused task such as this, we can expect students to develop, problem-solving skills, creativity, testing methodology, positive and negative feedback loops and even critical thinking skills. The student would select bricks based on theories of strength and stability only to have them proven or disproven. Students would also need to manage their budget of bricks, developing budgeting and prioritising and balancing qualities such as piece size and clutch strength, and all of this happens at an almost subconscious level until it becomes second nature for the students.


Wow, that’s a lot to take in, but I’m sure you can see by now how the educational outcomes of LEGO play can go much deeper than just “build this thing for me” when the approach is taken is one of creativity and STEAM-based education.

Unstructured LEGO Play Boosts Creativity and Enhances Problem-Solving

Building Toy based educational sets inspire imagination and creativity. While constructing with toy bricks, your students can explore their imagination and freely express themselves through their creations. 

Also, building with toy bricks allows students to take objects apart, examine their parts, and put them back together. Exploring familiar and less familiar objects encourages children to understand how things work and practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

LEGO Creative Play & Learning Promotes Language, Social and Emotional Skills

Toy Building Products promote communication and language skills. Namely, children learn to share ideas, ask questions, and negotiate while building together.

In addition, playing with construction toys such as LEGO fosters impulse control, encourages teamwork, and teaches children to share. In other words, using construction toys, such as those sold by Bricktastics in a classroom can boost your students’ social and emotional skills. 


Construction Brick Toys Encourage Math and Science Skills

Building with Construction toys such as LEGO bricks teaches children essential math skills such as spatial awareness, pattern recognition, fractions, and division. 

Also, Building and construction Toy creativity supplies can be a great way to encourage recognition and discrimination of colours, shapes, and textures, introduce kids to the basics of STEM sciences, and much more. 

LEGO Learning Through Play: Classroom Activities

You can incorporate LEGO learning in everyday classroom activities in so many ways. 

Below are a few tips on how to use LEGO in the classroom.

Structured Play with LEGO

LEGO education sets can be a great way to encourage close-ended play in preschoolers and older students who thrive on structured forms of play.

Close-ended games have a beginning, middle, and ending and directions that the child needs to follow. Structured play with LEGO involves tasks that kids of a specific developmental level can complete. Such play provides students with the opportunity to practice impulse control, perseverance, problem-solving skills, and more.

LEGO as a Reward Tool

Play with LEGO can be an excellent positive reinforcement strategy when you want to reward your students. 

LEGO Lesson Plans 

You can use LEGO learning activities to create fun and valuable lesson plans for your students. 


LEGO learning kits promote the child’s development on many levels. Learning with LEGO makes education more engaging and fun.

Educational LEGO sets can help you develop classroom creativity lessons customized to your student’s age, developmental level, and learning needs. is uniquely suited to cater for teachers’ and educational institutions’ creativity and learning needs. We provide reasonably priced bulk quantities to meet your price point. So, click here to learn more about Bricktastics School & Group LEGO Educational Supplies Bulk Packs.

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