Hours of Entertainment with Bricktastics!

Here at Bricktastics we design all our products with creativity as its focus. We specialise in Pre-Loved LEGO® this means our Creativity packs are environmentally Friendly, Affordable and best of all contain LOADS of LEGO® pieces for hours of open ended play!

Endless Creative Possibilities

Did you know that with just 6 LEGO® bricks there are 915,103,765 ways to combine them!?

So imagine how many possibilities are in our 850 piece Creativity Packs!

Challenge Yourself

LEGO® comes in various shapes, sizes, colours and themes, we all know that. What makes Bricktastics different is that our Packs are designed to ignite creativity, foster open ended play and challenge you to build something uniquely your own.

Choose Your Theme

With a huge variety of Pack styles and themes to choose from, our LEGO Creativity Packs offer an endless range of creative opportunities. We have over 13 different themes to choose from!

Want to become a Master at Medieval Building then try our Medieval Creativity packs. Maybe Ninjago is more your style? We have that too!

We'll Help Keep the Kids Entertained

Take up our LEGO® Master Challenge!

Here are some really cool Challenges that we have designed for use with our products! You can do all of these at home, and all you need is some LEGO®!

Everyday Item Challenge

Make an everyday House hold item out of LEGO.
LEGO® should compose the most important functions of the item and extra point will be rewarded for creativeness!

The item should be commonly found in peoples homes ie: A clock, lamp, or thong!

The "Hide-away" Challenge

Design and build your own LEGO® Hideaway in the theme of your choice!

Points will be awarded for the story behind "why it needs to be hidden". How well you stick to your theme, and for builds ability to "conceal" its true purpose as a hide away

Parade Challenge

You have been nominated to build a LEGO® float for the annual LEGO® Parade.

Build a scale model of your Float in LEGO®, pick a theme for your float ie: Party, Love, star wars etc:

Points are awarded for Creativity, the consistency of your theme and the ability of your minifigures to be a part of the float.

Artists Challenge

Create an Artwork from LEGO® Your artwork should have a name and a meaning.

Points will be awarded for Creativity, Beauty and colour choice. As well as for the meaning of your artwork.

Extra points given for how big it is!

Create Your Own LEGO® Master Challenge

Its easy to develop your own LEGO Masters Competition at home. You can even get creative and enrol your friends and family to join along with you and use social media to judge and organise your submissions online!

We Even Do Monthly Competitions to Focus & Reward Your Kids in Their Creative Building!

Join Our Monthly Building Competitions and WIN FREE LEGO®!

See Our Range of Creativity Packs!

LEGO® Creativity Packs

We’ve created a 1kg pack of fun, creativity and awesomeness. 

LEGO® Minifigures Packs

Each pack is made like a lucky dip, they are handpicked and created to provide you the best value and maximum fun.

LEGO® Parts Packs

Each LEGO® Part Packs is handpicked and contains more specific and hard to find items.