Choose Your Colour LEGO®
Choose your Colour,  hand sorted & picked and packed LEGO®...
Minifigure Accessories Packs
An awesome selection of Themed Minifigure Items!
LEGO Animals
Choose your favourite animals
Base Plates & Plates
Need some large and flat parts? Then Plates and Base...
Minifigure Creativity Pieces Packs
Our Minifigure Part packs offer an affordable and great variety...
Foliage Pack
x75 pieces of LEGO® Foliage, of mixed colours (mostly greens),...
Windows Walls & Doors Pack
x310 pieces of windows walls and doors
Rock Pieces Pack
x15 pieces of Large Rock Peices
Rideable Items for Minifigures
Choose your choice of rideable items that minifigures can use,...
Bricktastics Gift Card
Do you know someone who loves LEGO? But are not...
LEGO Technics Mixed Gear Pack
In this pack are x50 LEGO® Technics Gears picked and...
Brick Tool Pack
x3 Orange Brick Tools (human tools)