Special Orders
AU $1.00AU $200.00
For Special Orders
Wheels Packs
AU $45.00
x310 pieces of windows walls and doors
Printed & Sticker Part Pack
AU $50.00
x150 pieces of printed and sticker parts
Train Track Pack
AU $50.00
x25 pieces of train tracks
City Boat Bases – Mixed Pack
AU $47.50
x10 pieces of Boat bases
Brick Tool Pack
AU $7.50
x3 Orange Brick Tools (human tools)
Rock Pieces Pack
AU $49.90
x15 pieces of Large Rock Peices
Windows Walls & Doors Pack
AU $64.50
x310 pieces of windows walls and doors
Foliage Pack
AU $47.00
x75 pieces of LEGO® Foliage, of mixed colours (mostly greens),...
Minifigure Creativity Pieces Packs
AU $35.00AU $45.00
Our Minifigure Part packs offer an affordable and great variety...
Minifigure Accessories Packs
AU $11.50AU $19.90
An awesome selection of Themed Minifigure Items!
Bricktastics Gift Card
AU $20.00AU $500.00
Do you know someone who loves LEGO? But are not...
Ladders Mixed Pack
AU $17.50
You will receive x50 Ladders, of mixed colours types shapes...
Rideable Items for Minifigures
AU $18.00AU $25.00
Choose your choice of rideable items that minifigures can use,...
Base Plates & Plates
AU $30.00AU $50.00
Need some large and flat parts? Then Plates and Base...
LEGO Technics Mixed Gear Pack
AU $45.00AU $135.00
In this pack are x50 LEGO® Technics Gears picked and...
Choose Your Colour LEGO®
AU $35.00
Choose your Colour,  hand sorted & picked and packed LEGO®...
LEGO Animals
AU $16.50AU $39.00
Choose your favourite animals