Ditch the Sweets! Discover Why Bricktastics Fund Raising Boxes are a Creative Alternative

Let's face it, traditional fundraising with chocolates and sugary treats is starting to feel a bit outdated, right? With childhood obesity on the rise, more parents, charities teachers and schools are looking for healthier, more creative ways to raise money. 

Why Ditch the Sweets?

First off, traditional fundraising methods like selling chocolates and sweets can contribute to childhood obesity. There's a growing movement in Australia to ban chocolate fundraising due to health concerns. So, why not switch to something that’s healthier and way more fun?

That’s where Bricktastics Imagination Boxes come in! These boxes are packed with fun LEGO bricks that schools and organizations can use for fundraising. Let’s dive into why these boxes are the best thing since, well, LEGO!

Benefits of Bricktastics Imagination Boxes

  1. Healthier Alternative

No more contributing to the obesity epidemic! LEGO bricks are a healthy, fun alternative that keeps kids active and engaged. By choosing Bricktastics Imagination Boxes, you're promoting healthier lifestyles among children and supporting their well-being.

  1. Easy to Sell

Bricktastics Imagination Boxes are a breeze to sell. They are a larger individual purchase so you will need to make way less sales to achieve the same return Parents and community members are also more likely to support fundraising efforts that offer something meaningful. LEGO is a beloved brand worldwide, making these boxes an easy sell.

  1. Boosts Creativity

LEGO bricks are fantastic for fostering creativity and imagination. Kids can build anything their minds dream up, developing essential skills like problem-solving and fine motor skills. Your fundraising isn't just raising money; it's encouraging learning and creativity.

  1. More Bang for Your Buck

When you compare Bricktastics Imagination Boxes to traditional fundraising products, the value is clear. A box of LEGO bricks offers long-lasting fun and educational benefits, whereas sweets provide only temporary satisfaction. Parents love supporting fundraisers that deliver real value.

Why Schools and Organizations Love Them

  1. Low cost, High Return

Our boxes are sold at almost cost to you so that the profits can be passed on to your organisation. We do not allow these products to be purchased for personal use and that is because they are solely designed as a fundraising initiative and part of our outreach program to help the community. Each box is expected to return a minimum 43% Gross Profit and cost about $40 and sell for about $55-$60.
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  1. Supports Health Initiatives

As awareness around childhood obesity grows, schools and organizations are aligning their activities with health initiatives. Choosing Bricktastics Imagination Boxes for fundraising shows your commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles. This can boost your organization's reputation within the community.

  1. Money Back Guarantee

Bricktastics also has a buy back policy to ensure that any unsold boxes are eligible for sending back to us for your money back. This takes all the risk out of being left with product that you couldn't sell, not that this has ever happened to date!

The Push for Healthier Fundraising in Australia

In Australia, there's a big push to ban chocolate fundraising due to concerns about obesity. Health experts are advocating for fundraising activities that prioritize children's health. Bricktastics Imagination Boxes fit perfectly with this new direction. By offering a fun, engaging, and health-conscious alternative, Bricktastics is leading the way in healthier fundraising practices.

Wrapping Up

Bricktastics Imagination Boxes are a fantastic alternative to traditional sugary fundraisers. They promote healthier lifestyles, boost creativity, and deliver real value. If you’re looking for a fresh, effective way to raise funds, these boxes are the way to go.

Ready to transform your fundraising? Check out our product page to learn more and get started with Bricktastics Imagination Boxes. Let's make your next fundraiser a hit and build a healthier, more creative future for our kids.


What will your school build with Bricktastics Imagination Boxes?