LEGO® Not Just For Kids

In this article, we explore LEGO® as not just a past time for children but as a really great activity for adults to stimulate their creativity and de-stress from their busy lives.

Not Just for Kid’s

Many people think that LEGO® is a kids activity, and for those people, they could not be more wrong! LEGO has endured as a popular toy for adults and children for decades and for more reasons than just its a great kids toy. LEGO® offers many great other benefits that adults can also enjoy. Boosting your mood, developing creative thinking, de-stressing and focusing the mind are all great benefits of LEGO® Play. Many famous individuals have been well known for the propensity to enjoy LEGO® products in their spare time. Including individuals such Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the well-known creators of south Park who use it to refocus and generate ideas for their show, Terry Crews famous actor in shows such as “Brooklyn 99” and “everybody hates Chris”  Brittany Spears and even Hamish Blake just to name a few more.

LEGO® is great for mental health and well-being, which is why we see a surprisingly large number of very successful people using it to improve their lives. Other real benefits of LEGO® play include Trust building which can be done when building with others, increasing overall happiness levels and improving cognitive functions and dexterity. You might be an adult with “adult problems” such as paying the rent, keeping the family together or managing your health, but that doesn’t mean LEGO® can’t be a healthy part of your life. 

It doesn't take a lot of LEGO® to get started

Another great thing about LEGO® is how easy it is to get started with. Unlike other activities like sports or video games, there isn’t a high entry cost. No expensive console, TV, Protective equipment needed (unless you count strong shoes to avoid stepping on those point plastic pain pieces!

"In fact, did you know with only 6 2x4 bricks you can make a possible 915 MILLION combinations of LEGO® creations!"

Here at Bricktastics, we offer LEGO® Creativity packs with over 850 pieces in them, So imagine what you could do with that!
It doesn’t even matter what you build or how perfect it looks, as a wise person once said: “it’s not the destinations that matters, its the journey” or in this case the building process. The Joy and discovery that comes from a build is often more rewarding than the end result. This is why you will see children often destroy their creations just moments after they have finished building it, those little guys know the fun is in the creative process not the end result, (bet that makes all we collectors out there look pretty silly) haha.

I am always amazed by what our customers create with our LEGO®, this 12 year old made a whale emerging out of the pacific ocean garbage patch!

Now that’s one awesome drive-in theatre!

Where to start

As mentioned previously, it doesn’t take a lot of bricks to get started with making something from LEGO®, however, it does take a little creativity. Now that may sound a bit easier said than done, in this day and age Bricktastics has noticed that creative thinking appears to be on the decline, hence why we produce creative focused LEGO® Packs. With all the distractions of modern life, especially with TV entertainment like the Simpsons, reality TV or Master Chef or video games like Fortnite or Mario, these require very little imagination. Remember when you were younger and use to play with a stick and imagine it was something more? If not then you were probably born after the internet! But I remember those days and its amazing what children can do with a little imagination.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, where to start with your LEGO® ideas. I recommend getting some inspiration, if you have not played with LEGO® in a while you will be amazed to find out just how more creative people have become as the art has matured. While the internet may stifle creativity in some ways, in other ways its great for getting some starting inspiration! I suggest websites like Pinterest and Instagram as great places, simply type something you like, such as “space ship”, “pirate”, “car” add the word “LEGO” and you will be flooded with other peoples creations you can get inspiration from. P.S don’t be overwhelmed if you can’t build as good as some of the pictures, it takes a long time to build your skills to that level.

Get Creative

Now that you have your idea of what you want to build, the only thing left to do is get creative and start building. Best of luck and be sure to share your creations with us here at Bricktastics. We run a bi-monthly competition where we reward lucky winners who share their builds with us on social media. All you have to do is use the hashtag #Bricktastics, in your post and we will find it when judging and consider you for a prize! So what are you waiting for? Get Creating!