Top 5 LEGO® Buying Secrets

"Most parents don't know Second hand, Pre-Loved LEGO® is both cheaper & better for your children's development. What the big retailers don't want you to know about its unique advantages will Shock you!" 

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#1 Buying LEGO® Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Buying LEGO® from second hand sellers is not only good for the environment but it's also great for your wallet. How great? Up to 50% cheaper per brick in fact!

#2 Make Your LEGO® Good For The Environment​

Another great advantage of buying second hand is that you are helping save on plastic waste. LEGO® lasts forever! So why should we always be buying new packs? It's also a great way to teach your children the value of recycling!

"Take Your Kid's Creativity To The Next Level With Bricktastics"!


#3 Buying LEGO® In Bulk

What kids are missing these days is more open-ended creative play, enough with so much screen time, am I right?! Remember how we could knockdown and rebuild our LEGO® over and over? That's the magic of buying Pre-Loved LEGO®, each bag is full of surprise & potential.



Each of our 1KG packs of LEGO® holds about 850 pieces, that's more than several sets worth!

Our packs are amazing value when compared to the store-bought kits. For the same price your kid's will get more of what they love most & with greater creative possibilities!

#4 From One Loving Family to Another

One of the best parts of buying your kid's Pre-Loved LEGO® is knowing that each brick has come from a loving home and is now finding a new life in yours, entertaining and promoting creative thinking.

#5 Instruction Booklets Limit Creativity

Learning to be creative isn't a step by step process. Here at Bricktastics we have found that instruction booklets limit creative thinking, and shorten play sessions. That's why we pack all our LEGO® "Lucky-Dip Style".

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