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  • Building a Better Business: The Benefits of Incorporating Building Blocks into Work Functions and Team Building Activities

    Building blocks, such as LEGO®, can be a valuable tool for boosting productivity, creativity, and engagement in any business or organization. At Bricktastics, we offer a wide range of Pre-Loved LEGO® packs and building blocks that can be used in a variety of settings, from work functions and team building activities to conferences and workshops. In this post, we'll explore the many benefits of using building blocks in a business or organizational setting, and provide examples of activities that can be done with building blocks from Bricktastics. From large corporations to small startups, building blocks can be a valuable tool for promoting teamwork and creativity in any industry. So why not consider incorporating building blocks into your next event or activity?
  • The Benefits of Using Building Blocks in Education: Why Every School, Library, and Classroom Needs LEGO® Supplies from Bricktastics

    Building blocks, such as LEGO®, are a versatile and valuable educational tool that can enhance a wide range of skills, including creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking. They can also promote sustainability in the classroom by reducing reliance on disposable materials and promoting the use of used LEGO® blocks. As the largest supplier of Pre-Loved LEGO® packs and building blocks in Australia, Bricktastics offers a wide selection of high-quality building blocks for educators, including used LEGO®, plastic blocks, wooden blocks, and magnetic blocks. Invest in building blocks for your school or library today and watch your students build skills and confidence brick by brick.
  • LEGO® as a Learning Tool: Educational Benefits of Building Toys

    Bricktastics School & Group Educational Supplies Bulk Packs are designed to keep students engaged and absorbed in learning. LEGO is one of the most educational toys available, as children learn and develop essential skills while playing with it. As a creative and learning tool, LEGO has myriad educational benefits. Learning with LEGO taps into a student's genuine interest in manipulative play, improving focus, concentration, and spatial awareness. LEGO educational supplies also nurture problem-solving and math skills, boost fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and help kids practice patience. In addition, playing with construction toys such as LEGO fosters impulse control, encourages teamwork, and promotes social and emotional skills. Unstructured LEGO play boosts creativity and enhances problem-solving, as it allows children to freely express themselves through their creations and explore their imagination. Toy building products also promote communication and language skills, as children learn to share ideas, ask questions, and negotiate while building together. Invest in LEGO supplies for your school or library and watch your students build skills and confidence brick by brick.