Sell Your LEGO®

Congratulations on deciding to part with your LEGO®. We know your decision to sell or donate your LEGO® must have been hard, but if it makes it easier, we can guarantee your LEGO® will be expertly sorted and used for maximum creativity while going to many loving families through our extensive sales and/or donation program.

How does it work?

Fill out our Form & Accept our Offer

Fill out our simple online form, provide pictures and weight measurements if you have them & Consider Donating some of your LEGO® to charity (optional)

We’ll Contact You!

We will contact you promptly to discuss payment options and pick up information.

Prepare Your LEGO® For Pickup

We will instruct you on how to do this so your LEGO® stays safe and sound during transportation.

Drop off/Pickup

We offer flexible delivery options for all Australian residents. After we finalise the deal we will arrange a delivery method that suits you!

We Find Loving Homes for Your LEGO®

Whether you have donated or sold your LEGO® to us, we will sort it and find loving homes for every brick!

How to Sell
or Donate your LEGO®

Free up space make money & find every brick a loving home!


To begin the process of selling or donating your LEGO®, simply fill out the form below and we will email you with an obligation free quote.
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How Do We Compare?

Bricktastics offers competitive quote, friendly service and an overall easy and rewarding selling experience

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Help us
give the gift of LEGO®

Here at Bricktastics we love getting LEGO® to those that need it most. Through our donation program, we get 1000's of used LEGO®, building bricks and toys to children in under-serviced parts of Australia and the third world.

Find out how Bricktastics can help YOU give the gift of LEGO® today!

Avoid Common Mistakes

We talk to a lot of people selling their LEGO®, the most common mistakes we see time and time again are:

-Trying to sell items individually: This is time consuming and often not worth the effort for the majority of collections.

- Colour sorting to increase the price: This often doesn't add value to the collection. At bricktastics we are happy to take your collection the way it is.

- Building sets to increase the price: Trust us this also isn't worth the time and you have better things to do, even we don't do it.

-Taking Requests from Sellers: LEGO collectors often try to ransack the valuables out of unsuspecting families collections. Requesting things be sold individually, asking hard questions or time consuming favours. In most cases this wastes time and makes the rest of the LEGO® harder to sell. We advise against this. Bricktastics will take your whole collection simple and sweet ;)

What our Customers Say

Our LEGO® has been clogging up the house for years! The kids have long since moved on to video games and their phones so when we learned about Bricktastics we got very excited. They purchased all our LEGO® and made the process very easy.

Highly recommend.

Tori F

Verified Seller

My Girlfriend Saw me throwing out our LEGO® collection and said: “don’t do that you can sell it!” So we did! To Bricktastics! Made us $450 and they took care of everything, we even donated some of it to charity. What a great idea!

Zoe S

Verified Seller

I got sick of dealing with fussy customers so decided to sell it to some professionals. Bricktastics made the process easy and their prices where the same as on gumtree so I was happy. I also love their donation option such a good idea, its a WIN/WIN.

Liam P

Verified Seller

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