We love the STEAM approach to learning, as our creativity packs explore problem solving and inquiry through a creative process. Enabling users with the skills for the future

What is it?

STEAM is a different approach to learning compared to STEM.

STEAM incorporates a focus on the arts and the creative disciplines, whilst STEM is strictly focused on the science, technology and engineering skills. Arguments can be made for each discipline being better than the other.

However, when defining the arts as language, social sciences and humanities, STEAM promotes the importance of creative thinking, a very much needed skill in the 21st century.

As the schooling system has decided to adopt a STEM approach, we understood the need to help provide these much needed soft skills to our customers.

Our unique LEGO Packs promote creative play, problem-solving through and providing challenging situations designed to stimulate and challenge minds.

We know that through these skills that our customers develop, they will be well equipped for the future.

How our LEGO® Packs promote 

Unique approach to solving problems

Inquiry based approach to learning

Learn through creative play and imagination

Stimulate creativity through endless possibilities

We promote a process driven thought process

LEGO is relationship based, leaving it open to creative interpretation

Pure Creativity
No Instructions Needed!

Our LEGO® packs have been tried and tested and produce endless hours of creative play and fun. Each has a generous variety of pieces, giving you complete freedom to create whatever you want.


Why we're fans of STEAM?

More likely to be recognized for an academic award

Training in the arts is essential to building interpersonal skills

More likely to be awarded for school attendance

When arts is reinforced in STEM through mutually reinforcing objectives, student learning deepen in both areas

With a focus on STEAM

the arts provide a different focus for the brain, including

Creativity and Inovation

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Communication & Collaboration

Flexibility and Apadtability

Social & Cross Cultural Skills

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