How to Sell Your LEGO® Collection

Selling your old LEGO® can help tidy your home, teach your kids the benefits of recycling, and boost their entrepreneurship skills. has tips on how to sell LEGO collection quickly and effortlessly.
People decide to sell their LEGO pieces and sets for various reasons. For example, your kids may have outgrown their LEGO toys. Or you want to declutter and free up space in your home. Whatever the reasons, in this article, we will try to give you some tips on how to sell your LEGO collection online.
Millions of kids worldwide are so into LEGO. So, before we delve into the best way to sell LEGO collection, let’s see what the major advantages of playing with LEGO are? 
Benefits of LEGO® Toys
Apart from having fun, playing with LEGO can benefit children on many levels.
Even before buying your child’s first LEGO set, you were probably aware of its numerous developmental benefits. LEGOs are excellent educational and manipulative toys that encourage creativity, allowing children to unleash their imagination and express themselves freely through LEGO creations.
Furthermore, LEGOs promote communication, collaboration, and language skills, as kids practice negotiating and working together while building LEGO.
Manipulative play with LEGO pieces boosts fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Also, playing with LEGO improves focus and problem-solving skills and can spark interest in STEM disciplines. In addition, it can help kids build confidence and practice perseverance and patience.
If your children have outgrown their toys, selling your LEGO collection can make the best use of it, helping other kids benefit from it too.  
Best Way to Sell a LEGO® Collection
The most common answer to your question, “How to sell my LEGO collection,” will probably be eBay, Bricklink, or Amazon. While you can definitely sell your LEGO pieces or sets on these and other sites, this process can take some time and effort. Selling on such sites involves managing your own store, doing customer service, dealing with shipping and handling, and more.
We find the three best places to sell your LEGO collection are:
  • Facebook Marketplace
The first two platforms are free and very simple to use so that you can list your LEGO Minifigures, pieces, or sets on both. is an Australian-based LEGO buying service, offering fair and transparent rates for your LEGO collection. When listing on, you can rest assured that we will cover shipping costs for you. We purchase used LEGO from anywhere in Australia, ensuring that every piece finds a new proud owner.
Before listing your LEGO collection on, make sure to take good photos. This is the best way to communicate the value of your collection to your prospective buyers.
Also, decide what the most important reason for selling your kids’ LEGO is or your goal for selling your LEGO collection. 

Above: Moving homes and spring cleaning are the best times to sell your old LEGO® collection

Why Sell Your Old LEGO®?

Selling LEGO pieces that you don’t need anymore is a fantastic way to reuse and find them new loving homes. It is also a fantastic way to preserve our environment and organize your living space.
Below are the most common reasons why people sell their LEGO.
1. Children Have Outgrown LEGO
This is one of the most common reasons why people put their LEGO up for sale. The kids’ interests change as they develop and grow. If your kids have moved beyond their LEGO toys, selling the collection can be a great way to:
– use the money to upgrade to video games or
– invest in another hobby
2. Family is Moving
Moving can be overwhelming, and it definitely requires you to select things you are going to take along. Taking with you LEGO that your family doesn’t need anymore just doesn’t make sense.
3. Organizing Space in Home
Many families decide to sell their used LEGO to free up space for new things in their homes. For example, if your kids need more space in their bedrooms for new toys, books, or gadgets, selling your LEGO collection can be a solution. It is a great way to declutter and organize your space while finding a good new home for your LEGO Ninjago, LEGO DUPLO, or LEGO City, or whichever themes your collection has in it.
4. Donating LEGO has a donation program to help hand over your bellowed LEGO sets to loving families and children in the third world. For more about our LEGO donation program, click here.

Above: Selling your LEGO® is a great opportunity to teach your skills to negotiate and recycle their toys.

Why Sell Your Old LEGO®?

Aside from making money, selling your LEGO bricks can do good to you and your family in various other ways.

Here are some of the benefits of selling your LEGO creations and pieces.

1. Offering LEGO for Sale Helps Free Up Space

The first step in organizing the space in your house is identifying and removing unnecessary items. In addition, mental health experts believe that organized and clean home help remove negative things from your mind. In other words, physical cleaning can help you think more clearly, be more productive, and feel more optimistic.

2. Selling your LEGO Collection can Boost Kids’ Entrepreneurship Skills

Giving your LEGO collection away can be an excellent opportunity to teach your kids to negotiate and practice problem-solving skills while selling their toys. It can teach them about finances and help them develop entrepreneurship skills and financial literacy. 

Teaching kids how to negotiate from an early age promotes problem-solving, confidence, and communication skills.

3. Donating LEGO Teaches Kids the Benefits of Giving

Donating old LEGO can teach your children the beauty of sharing and giving. It can boost their empathy and compassion, helping them grow into socially responsible adults.

4. Selling LEGO is Environmentally Friendly

LEGO Group is working on turning all of its bricks into ecologically sustainable by 2030. However, the current ones are made of materials that can damage our environment if you don’t dispose of them responsibly.


LEGO sets are an essential part of childhood and growing up. Instead of throwing away toys your kids don’t need anymore, you can sell/donate them and do something good for your family, other families, and our planet.

Learning how to sell your LEGO collection can help declutter your home, teach your kids some essential values, and make other families happy. can help you on this mission, so click here to get a free online quote.