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Here at Bricktastics we value our customers and want to make buying your LEGO® for the ones you love affordable and rewarding.

To help with that mission of ours, here is a one-time discount code for 10% off on your next order with us! That’s store-wide on any item, Enjoy!

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Each of our 1KG packs of LEGO® holds about 850 pieces, that’s more than several sets worth!

Our packs are amazing value when compared to the store-bought kits. For the same price in store we offer over twice as many bricks per $1 spent, with greater creative possibilities!

See Our Creativity Packs

LEGO® Creativity Packs

We’ve created a 1kg pack of fun, creativity and awesomeness. 

LEGO® Minifigures Packs

Each pack is made like a lucky dip, they are handpicked and created to provide you with the best value and maximum fun.

LEGO® Part Packs

Each LEGO® Part Pack is handpicked and contains more specific and hard to find items. 

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