How to LEGO®​

Our Customers make the most fun creations with Bricktastic products. On this page we take a look at the kinds of creative and imaginative ideas that can be generated with a little imagination and some bricks

Customer Creations & Ideas

Did you know that with just 6 bricks there are 915,103,765 ways to combine them?! So Imagine how many possibilities are in our 850pc Creativity Packs!

LEGO® comes in various shapes, sizes, colours and themes, we know that. But what makes us different? Why do we do what we do? How to LEGO® I guess is the question?

Challenge Yourself
LEGO® comes in various shapes, sizes, colours and themes, we all know that. What makes Bricktastics different is that our Packs are designed to ignite creativity, foster open ended play and challenge you to build something uniquely your own.

Choose Your Theme
With a huge variety of Pack styles and themes to choose from, our LEGO Creativity Packs offer an endless range of creative opportunities. We have over 13 different themes to choose from! Want to become a Master at Medieval Building then try our Medieval Creativity packs. Maybe Ninjago is more your style? We have that too!

We'll Help Keep the Kids Entertained

Our Products provide kids with longer more rewarding play sessions. Our no "Instructions and an open-ended play" philosophy enables your kid's to build more creativley.

Below are some of the interesting ways we have seen our fans use our Bricks:

Use Bricktastic Bricks to make various everyday items more fun such as Clocks and Coasters!

One of our customers used his LEGO® pack to make LEGO® Coasters and another used their LEGO® packs to make LEGO® Key Holders!

Interlocking Blocks don't have to just be used as a toy, they can also be used for Art Projects!

LEGO® Jewellery is a personal favourite of ours, its amazing to see what people can make with our LEGO® Packs.

P.S These can be made by anyone,
you don’t have to have an engineering degree just imagination.





Pre-Loved LEGO® Collection

Sourced from Ex LEGO® Loving families, our Pre-Loved LEGO® Packs are made from high quality, expertly sorted used LEGO® pieces.


Bricktastics Bricks Range

Our own Bricktastics Branded Bricks. A High Quality, fully compatible selection of building bricks.


School, Corporate & Group Packages

Are you an Educator, work with kids, or need to entertain large groups? Then these Packages are for you.

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