Maximize Value with These 5 LEGO Tips and Tricks for Your Next Purchase

#1 LEGO® doesn't have to be expensive

Contrary to popular belief NOT ALL LEGO® HAS TO BREAK THE BANK, what the big retailers don’t want you to know is that second hand LEGO® is cheaper, just as fun and when expertly combined into Creativity Packs by sorting experts like Bricktastics can provide more Creative options for your kids. 

How much cheaper? Up to 50% cheaper per brick in fact! Allowing you to buy more in greater variety.

#2 Buying LEGO® in bulk packs exists

LEGO® loves to sell kits and they are very good at it, but there are few options for low cost open ended creative play in the stores.
Bricktastics is the only online retailer that Specialises in Creativity Packs for Kids. Designed specifically to provide large quantities & variety of Bricks & Parts, encourage creative play & nurture innovative thinking.
You can even choose your theme for kids who like specific types of LEGO®!

#3 Wish your kids could play with the same LEGO® you did? They can!

Ever wondered where all that cool LEGO® you use to play with when you were a kid has gone? Pirate, Castle, Bionicles LEGO® etc: The answer is, it’s no longer made and to get your hands on it is an expensive venture often crossing into the realm of high end collectables pricing. 

The good news is that Bricktastics has solved this problem, now you can buy all your favourite themes at a price point cheaper than current store bought LEGO®. Our Minifigure and Creativity packs are full of hard to find LEGO® parts that enable creative play with all your favourite childhood themes!

#4 Creativity doesn't come in an instruction booklet

One of the biggest mistakes we see parent’s make when buying their children’s LEGO is the assumption that “LEGO will make their Kids more creative”. While LEGO sure can be a creative activity, the way LEGO® is sold in store currently lacks the creative elements. No child ever learned Creative thinking from a set of instructions after all.
We also find LEGO® entertains children for longer when it doesnt have a defined “completion” point.
The next time you buy LEGO® for your kids, have a think about the outcomes you are after, will it encourage creative problem solving? co-operation, team work, or maybe you are just after something more practical like extending the time the LEGO® will entertain the children for. If this is important to you, then know Bricktastics has your back!

#5 Make your LEGO® good for the environment

Buying NEW LEGO® is currently NOT good for the environment, all that plastic has to go somewhere when its finished being played with, and let’s face it, LEGO® can lasts forever in landfills! 
That’s why the final secret that retailers won’t tell you is that: second hand LEGO® is alot more Environmentally friendly. All of Bricktastics LEGO® Products are sourced from families who no longer use their LEGO®, is in excellent condition and 100% Sustainable. This has two major benefits, firstly it helps avoid the creation of NEW plastic bricks. But most importantly it teaches your children the value of recycling and reusing toys!