About Us

The Bricktastics Team were inspired by the benefits of Second-Hand LEGO® & Building Bricks after discovering it in their adult life, they just knew they had to bring it to the world with their own unique “Bricktastics” Twist.

Our Story

Offering Creatively focused LEGO® & Brick Packs enables us to do so much more good in the world than just opening a regular retail store. We found we could sustainably add value to our customers by offering new and innovative form factors, meeting key pain points for Australian Families and Organisations while helping play a key role in the environment, community and development of children's creativity skills. 

Damien Azzopardi - CEO

We love Creativity whether it is sifting through large piles of LEGO® or designing new and creative pack types, we just love making LEGO® & Building Bricks more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Being a specialist in pre-loved LEGO® we sort through piles of used LEGO® daily searching for the pieces that will take our creativity packs to a whole new level. We have recycled over 44,000kg of Pre-Loved LEGO® as of July 2023.

With the right equipment and attitude we make sure every bick goes to its most loving home.

We know that sometimes our customers just want something “different”, surprising, or purely creative in nature. Our Creativity packs, minifigure packs and other products do exactly this!

Following instructions is not for everyone and here at Bricktastics we make sure you or your kids imaginations are fully unleashed!

What We Do

We love LEGO® but most importantly we love sifting through piles of LEGO® to create unique combinations and speciality packs.

Being a specialist in pre-loved LEGO® we sort through piles of used LEGO® daily searching for the pieces that will take creativity packs to a whole new level.

The best part about what we do is that we make people’s dreams come true. A lot of our product is rare, exclusive or discontinued parts and themes that we have managed to source.

Whether you are after something particular like a certain accessory, minifigure or part we can help you. We also separate LEGO® into themes specifically for people who love to build with certain types of LEGO®.

We hand sort every part ourselves to ensure that only the highest quality parts make it to you our customers!

Who are Bricktastics?

Meet the Team

We love LEGO® but most importantly we love delighting our customers. Meet the team that makes it all possible!


Part Expert & Sales


Fulfilment & Sorter


Owner & Operator

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LEGO® Parts Expert



Fulfilment & Parts Specialist


Creativity Advisor

Why We Exist

To sustainably add value, delight customers and ignite creativity through the possibilities of LEGO® globally.

Delight customers with unexpected free LEGO® items and providing loads of value

Igniting creativity through creative play and the amazing world of LEGO®

Add Value to our customers with free LEGO® products, the best prices and the best range

Giving Back

At Bricktastics we are all about giving back to those less fortunate than us. Each year we donate 100’s Kilograms of LEGO®, toys and Building Bricks to underprivileged or under-served children in Australia, Thailand, Cambodia and other nations.

We do this as part of our company mission to "add value" and "ignite creativity world-wide". We get so much satisfaction seeing the smiles on these kids faces. Knowing our donations makes them happy and creative is all the reward we can ask for.

We estimate that by the end of 2023 we would have donated over 2000 kilos of LEGO®, Building Bricks and other toys across Australia and the world.

Bricktastics does not donate to individuals, we specifically seek out under-served, represented and in need groups of adults and children that belong to organisations that can facilitate Creative play using a supply of our Building Bricks and Toys. These most often include but are not limited to:
Schools, Churches, Community Groups, Librarys, shelters and more.

Our Building Bricks are donated by us here at Bricktastics and also by our generous customers through our Sell your LEGO® program. This enables us to stockpile toys, building bricks and LEGO® for shipment to under-serviced parts of the Australian community, such as schools, community centres and hospitals. In addition we also donate to poor children in developing countries. Our partners in countries like Cambodia then use their extensive networks to get the LEGO® to the villages and schools that need it the most.


Bricktastics donated 15kgs of LEGO® to the Build Your Future Today (BFT) Cambodian Based Mobile Library. Now all the villages they serve within the greater Siem Reap area can access LEGO® Supplies on a weekly basis.

Bricktastics donates 30kg's of LEGO®, Storage containers and Building Bricks to Alkimos Beach Public School in WA. Previously unable to afford LEGO® supplies, they can now start their own LEGO® Club.